VR Hug

A collaboration between Moises404 and Tom Galle, showing two people wearing virtual reality headsets while embracing in a hug.


Virtual reality art gallery station equipped with traditional gallery snacks, beverages and gallerist. Payments accepted via Square.The Multiverse – Young Arts Foundation in conjunction with Borscht Film Festival, 2014

41 Cooper VR

41 Cooper VR Three virtual reality chat room stations, connected to VRchat.net running a 3D recreation of the 41 Cooper Gallery. Guests of the physical show were able to verbally communicate with online guests of the show connected through virtual reality headsets.


A.S.A. (Automated Sculpture Automaton) is a sculpture interested in it’s own internet presence. A.S.A. uses it’s Twitter account to upload selfies, steal popular tweets, and promote it’s music on Soundcloud. When not tweeting, A.S.A. uses Tinder to find potential buyers.”