Virtual reality art gallery station equipped with traditional gallery snacks, beverages and gallerist. Payments accepted via Square.The Multiverse – Young Arts Foundation in conjunction with Borscht Film Festival, 2014

41 Cooper VR

41 Cooper VR Three virtual reality chat room stations, connected to running a 3D recreation of the 41 Cooper Gallery. Guests of the physical show were able to verbally communicate with online guests of the show connected through virtual reality headsets.

Devon Halfnight Leflufy SS17

Created for Devon Halfnight Leflufy’s SS17 Presentation for New York Fashion Week, visitors could discover his collection in real life, or on Virtual Reality worlds built around Devon’s aesthetic, inspiration and references. While the IRL presentation was fairly sterile and minimal, users could dive into his immersive worlds and discover as much or as little as they want about the Devon Halfnight Leflufy Story.

stay healthy 🌿🌿 @devonhalfnightleflufy SS17 VR reveal (level 2)

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Richard Spencer Punching Bag

Unity + HTC VIVE powered virtual reality video game where you can punch Richard Spencer as a heavy bag to a crowd of cheering robots.

Echo Chamber

An intensive virtual reality experience inside an enclosed chamber filled with the most extreme quotes, videos, and imagery from american politics.


@princessgollumVR – An interactive virtual reality experience created for Sotheby’s 2017 Art of VR festival. A high res 3d scan of artist and model @princessgollum is rendered as a virtual reality Instagram grid users can scale and traverse using the HTC vive.